The short film and interviews

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Some shots from the wall for the mall

The installation at Spaces opened and here are a few shots of the piece. The wall is presented as an art object in the gallery and will be installed in the mall retail space 316 after the show. It will convert the space to allow a church to rent it after the wall is erected in the foyer of the space.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Design Inspiration Salon

The seasons have passed and so do many things. In the summer I sat down with George G of Design Inspiration Salon. We spoke of his experiences in the mall from when he was a teenager saving up to buy his first pair of Fila kicks to his role as a business owner in the mall. The salon had to close much to my chagrin(I had some pretty long locks that I had hoped George would cut.) and sadness.  I hope to eventually catch up with him to discover what happened to the salon in his words. Here are some stills from the interview that capture the salon, owner and a client at a moment I would like to remember and share.

Monday, August 8, 2011

One fleeting glimpse of Albert caught on camera

I thought this was an empty shot of the Mall until I looked closely at it.

Another example of change

The interior of the Mall has slowly been coming back to life especially on the weekends. This seating area has been cleaned up enough to support a support meeting for the male members of The Crown of Life Ministries. Elder C.J. Clinkscales (first on left) leads the group and the Church which I had the pleasure of attending both a service and a Bible study.

Changes don't take long

In just a few months the interior of the Mall has been changing. This is The Way of Life Gospel Church space which has transformed the space since last November when the space was vacant.  The inspiring doorway steadies some cement board which will enter to continue to improve the Church.
I hope to talk with Pastor Jeffrey Charles Jackson about his Church someday soon.